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    Design a bib

    Design a bib

    Now at Babybibs you can design your own organic cotton bib. 

    In Just 4 easy steps 

    1. Select colour

    Now you just pick the Colour of the bib. (This can always change while you design the bib.

    2. Choose your design

    You simply choose a design of your choice. You are sure to find your favorite motif.

    3. Position of image, text

    Now you can change the motive and/or picture as you like, or upload one of your choices. You determine the size of the design, the positioning and the Personal text of your bib. (Seamless images /Backgrounds cannot be used) 

    4. Yay! Ready!

    When you are satisfied with the design of your product, add it to your shopping cart and order it. You will receive your order 3-6 working days after receipt of payment!

    Here is a handy video to show you how easy it is:

    [Product_title] - Babybibs-ie [Product_title] - Babybibs-ie